Two Heads Creek, a pure gem! ( @frightfest ) #filmtwitter

After the death of their adoptive Polish mother,Norman a timid butcher (played by Jordan Waller) and Annabelle his drama queen twin sister (played by Kathryn Wilder) leave their grim and bleak lives in the UK and take an adventure into the Australian outback in search of their biological mother. But the seemingly tolerant townsfolk of the sleepy Two Heads Creek backwater are hiding a sinister, meaty secret and the pair must reconcile their sibling differences in a fight for their lives.

Straight from the start this film is pure charm and enjoyment, with a wonderfully fun script brought to life by wonderful performances and great production. Two Heads Creek is one of my favourite films of this years Virtual Frightfest and I cant recommend it enough for those who love to spend some time with a fun entertaining film. Every few seconds we are treated to a razor sharp one liner or on screen gag that perfectly fits into place and whilst they film crams in a truck load of ‘Australian Stereotype’ zingers, none of them come across as mean spirited.  The film is beautifully over the top not only with its plot, characters and dialogue but its all the better for it.

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