Charlotte Pathe announced for the next short film The Break Up by Filmmaker Trevor Hayward ( @char_pathe ) ( @director_sdv )

Actress Charlotte Pathe (Hate, Disconnected) has been announced as the first cast member in the new short film by Trevor Hayward (Witch, The Door) Whilst not too many other casting information is known at the moment, or details of the plot for the up and coming short ‘The Break Up’  Trevor is a wonderfully interesting filmmaker and always mysterious with the plots and scenes in a film. Having worked on his film ‘Witch; a few years ago, Watching Trevor work is always an interesting experience.  To see the collaboration with Charlotte and the rest of the team will be a great time.

 After training at both The Oxford School of Drama and The Guildford School of Acting, Charlotte is known for her work on the screen. Her previous credits include Disconnected and HATE, hard hitting TV dramas, where Charlotte has been said to, “bring an audience close to her heart”, as a, “natural, striking and intriguing artist”

Follow Trevor on Twitter to keep up with the updates and as always, I wish them all the best!

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