Writer/Director Trevor Hayward announces ‘Haunted’ as his next project #supportindiefilm #filmtwitter ( @director_sdv )

From the Writer/Director of ‘Witch’ and ‘I met Her On The Promenade’ comes a newly announced film by Trevor Hayward. Its name?  ‘Haunted’

Whilst no casting has yet been announced and even a plot synopsis is shrouded in mystery, Trevor Hayward is one of the most wonderfully secretive independent filmmakers that I know,with some cast and crew of his films not being supplied with a full script at the time of scene filming. Always the artist, I always get excited when I read or hear of Trevor putting together the seeds of a new project as I know it will not only be something unique, but it will also be something different from previous projects.  With a vast amount of short films and feature films to his name, Trevor’s filmography is something definitely worth delving into.

What will ‘Haunted’ show us? Who will be the characters we see? Only time will tell! But my anticipation is awake!



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