Tribal:Get Out Alive, Out NOW on Digital ( @Zaraphythian @RossOHennessy ) #filmtwitter #movies

From Director Matt Routledge, and Writer Johnny Walker comes Tribal:Get Out Alive, a new action packed, thriller horror taking us to a world beneath our own.  When a local Bailiff team are hired to clear out a local farmyard  of vagrants after the death of the farms owner , things seem to be well organised and a straight forward routine day for the team, however as the films title indicates, this isn’t going to be a quick and easy paycheque. Far from it. Rumours and stories surrounding the land and buildings are dismissed until the spooky and danger element elevates far beyond what the team have in mind.

This is what I call a ‘grenade movie’ in that we know from the very early stages of the story that things are not going to end well for some of this cast, and we arent wrong. From the offset we feel the pressure build, the anticipation grows and the cinematic heat starts to make us sweat and as the film promises, the film delivers on what you desire. Who will get out alive? Will they get out alive? What is hunting down our characters? Well those are questions that you can have answered when you watch the film, Im not about to ruin them here for you. What I will answer is, is the film any good? And yes it most certainly is. From the moment the picture appears on screen we can see just how beautiful this film is  A lot of films are described as ‘cinematic’ and Tribal:Get Out Alive most certainly deserves that praise, it looks crisp, the set design is adorable and everything about the films making is top notch!  Even to delve deeper into the technical aspects, a lot of the film it set in dark locations and yet we always know what we can see, and the lighting makes for a far more enjoyable experience than a lot of other darkness set films of recent years and with a perfectly complimenting score by Steffen Thum, all the ingredients behind the scenes are wonderfully blended to make for a 100% great looking (and sounding) film.

This then brings me to the cast and just as the films production is top notch,so is the cast and lead actors Zara Phythian and Ross O’Hennessy, now being one of my favourite onscreen pairings of the year. Whether they be swapping dialogue or battling those who wish to do them harm, they appear as though they have known each other for years and have worked together for just as long ( both actors have worked together on other films too) Their onscreen chemistry is a joy to watch and heres hoping that they reunite soon onscreen.  Whilst I have seen Zara in many films over the years (the first was The Hike, way back in 2011) this to me (Tribal:Get Out Alive) is the film to showcase her amazing fighting skills, whilst most people will know her from Marvels Doctor Strange (Zara played the role of ‘Brunette Zealot’) and which was a fantastic role for Zara, she has taken herself to a whole new visual level with Tribal:Get Out Alive which isn’t just (and i say ‘just’ very loosely) hand to hand combat in this film. there are various weapon fights in this film and you can tell that this isn’t any form of film trickery on show, the fight scenes in the film are the real deal and Zara is the real deal.  This is currently my favourite film of Zara’s. Lets see you top this one Zara! It was also fantastic to see Lamissah La Shontae in the film as ‘the child’ and less said about her role the better (I hate spoilers) but she was and is great in the film.

Ross is also fantastic in the film, and whilst he too can also handle various weapons, Ross is for me more the hammer than the scalpel. When it comes to making sure someone stays down Ross is super convincing at that style (there is a wonderfully brutal scene with a rock, which manages to go (intentionally)  from making you cringe to making you smirk in a second.  Ross and Zara are most definitely convincing when it comes to playing ex military security officials, thats for sure.   Now I could rattle on about the rest of the cast all being wonderful (and they are) and break down each of their roles and what I thought about them, but that would turn into a long essay about how much of a wonderful job they have all done (and they have) so take it from me.  Needless to say that I loved this film and cant wait to read and hear what others thought too.  In this mad world of 2020, we need super hyper entertainment from cast and crews like this, we need escapism, and I’m so glad that now only have I see the film, but that I did….get out alive!

You can check the film out now on all good digital platforms NOW (for rent or buy).

Heres the trailer (click the Watch Video on YouTube link)

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