Writer/Director Trevor Haywards ‘Darker’ lights up its latest cast additions. ( @director_sdv ) #supportindiefilm

From Writer/Director Trevor Hayward (Witch, 57a, Haunted) comes Darker, a 2022 project that has now begun announcing its cast members. Darker will tell the story of Patrick who is experiencing Panic attacks and Anxiety disorders and is isolating himself away from everyone.
When his Ex-Girlfriend, a Psychic Medium tracks him down to visit, she picks up on a strange phenomena that seems to be coming from within his house.
What then follows will question Patricks sanity and whether the darker recesses of the mind are at work.
Darker is set to be released in 2022, and once again will see Trevor Hayward reunite with producer Paul Allen and Cinematographer Carl Bryan (who also takes care of editing duties), who have both worked with Trevor on most if not all of Trevors projects over the past decade. Trevor Hayward is not only one of the busiest independent filmmakers around, but with each project he and his team work on, he is also one of the most creative and artistic with a wonderfully stylistic approach to his projects. Ive been a fan of his work for several years and am always highly interested and excited when a new short or feature is announced. (Keep an eye out for the soon to be released series ‘Witch’) 
The cast members announced for Darker are as follows 


Richard Collins


Adam Templar


Rebecca Turner 


Lucien Morgan 


Sarah Parker   


Christian Davidson  


Emilia Hargreaves  


Sharon Lawrence  


Mark Preston

For more details about the cast and crew, head to the Darker IMDB page here 

Writer/Director Trevor Haywards Twitter account (which is great for updates) can be found here

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