Fear Machine: New TV series in the works from Grimmfest and Green Acre Films ( @grimmfest ) ( @greenacrefilms )

After a wonderful successful 11th Grimmfest event earlier this month,There is no rest for the team at Grimmfest as they continue to work throughout the days nights weeks and months on more projects that I can write about (until I grow extra hands) One of these many projects that I do want to talk about is Fear Machine, a horror show will showcase contemporary British tales of horror  and which will appeal to a broad audience as well the modern horror fan.

Grimmfest director Simeon Halligan(and director of the Pollyanna McIntosh starring thriller White Settlers)  says; “Horror is more popular than ever, with plenty of Film and TV content coming from North America, but in the Sixties and Seventies, it was the UK who dominated the horror scene with companies like Hammer – we feel it’s time British horror was back in the limelight.’

The producers aim to showcase the best of UK talent in the genre, by presenting a series of hour-long films that will encompass suspense, horror, mystery and the super natural. Nadine Marsh-Edwards see this as “a unique opportunity to explore new ways to comment on the human condition while being entertaining and downright scary.”

Greenacre Films is an independent production company founded by award-winning producers Nadine Marsh-Edwards and Amanda Jenks, who are currently working with some of the UK’s leading writing talent and they see this as an exciting partnership that will bring together the best Horror talent from the worlds of film and television.

As I do with all things Grimmfest, I wish them all the very best with any project they spend their time on, and am super excited to follow its journey as it makes its way from the paper to my screen!


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