Bond 25 Tells us that there is No Time To Die #007

Along with ‘Who will Sing the Bond Theme’ (which we dont know yet) ‘What is the new Bond film going to be called’ is always an exciting question that Bond film fans ponder. For Bond 25, the once to be directed by Danny Boyle but now to be directed by Cary Fukunaga finally has an announced title.The 25th installment of the classic spy series will go by the name No Time to Die

What do we know about the film. Well we do know that James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) has left active service and is now enjoying life in Jamaica. But if this was the film then the film wouldnt be a Bond film and soon James’s peace is short-lived when old friend Felix Leiter turns up asking Bond for help.

No Time to Die is due in theaters in April 2020.

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