Wretched Things: A new film by Gage Oxley ( @gageoxley ) ( @OxygenFilm ) My thoughts #supportindiefilm #movies

Where to start with Wretched Things, the latest film by Gage Oxley ( Pulse, This World We Live In), a film made of up three ‘vignettes’ telling three very different stories that at their core, feature a very similar world and set of emotions. (in my opinion anyways)  A first-time model  (Ben played by Warren Godman) , a new to the webcam industry sex worker (Olly, played by Tommy Vilés), and a power-hungry homophobe (Louis, played by Adam Ayadi) are the main focuses of this feature film and story and through each ‘chapter’ we see how they are dealing with life

Tommy Viles is Olly in ‘Wretched Things’

Wretched Things has everything going for it, and considering the film runs for approx 80 minutes, I have found myself thinking about all of these characters long after the credits have faded. One of the things I love about film in general, is that at minute zero we may have never met any of these characters before, we dont know their names, we dont know what stories we are going to be told, and yet by the time the film finishes, we know these onscreen characters will be part of our memory and we will think of them from time to time, wondering how they are, what happened to them after the film finished, and we reflect on what we have just seen. The characters of Wretched Things makes me feel that way. I wonder how Olly is doing, whether he is happy now, did he carry on doing what he was doing. The same goes for the other characters in the film (well most of them anyways) When you get to the third chapter of the film, the one featuring an aggressive homophobe whos role is played so wonderfully by Adam Ayadi that you take an instant disliking to him (well I did anyways) I hope Louis sorted himself out and turned into a nice human being (I live in hope)

Adam Ayadi (on the right)

Gage has done a fantastic job with the writing of the characters in every way, to create the story of Wretched Things and bring these characters from a page, to our screens. I definately need to check out some of his other work if Wretched Things is anything to go by when it comes to the mans talent, not only at writing, but also at putting a film together.

I will say though that going into Wretched Things, I wasnt sure what I was going to see, was this going to be a glimpse of a super exciting world filled with wonderfully happy people doing things they love and regretting nothing. Wretched Things for me showed the near opposite. With each chapter/vignett it reminded me that the world is filled with a lot of lonliness, with people trying to make a connection of any kind in the hope they wont feel alone, or under pressure, or struggling with one thing or another. The film did a fantastic job of showing what real people may be going through and life isnt all nightclubs and adventure. These are the parts of Wretched Things that haunt me, to remind me that not everyones happy. For such an enjoyable film and viewing experience, it also left me feeling a little sad for the characters. However thats a testiment to how well the cast portrayed these written characters, so a huge well done from me to them!

Away from the writing of Wretched Things, the films technical aspects are also spot on, from the great soundtrack which is there when the film feels it needs it and no soundtrack when the film doesnt require it. Spot on! The look of the film is also top notch with its camerawork pushing what may well have been a low budget film into a higher quality level. There are some beautiful scenes that use variou

s colours of lighting that remind me of something pure Hollywood and creepy. Youll know those scenes when you see them. I dont want to to mention the scenes as they could be considered plot spoilers.

Of all the wonderful dialogue in the film there is a beautiful yet somewhat aggressive speech given by Louis where he talks about labels, and not living by labels and this for me perfectly sums up Wretched Things. I have seen articles about the film before its release, announcing its premiere and just generally talking about the film and they mostly all seem to have a ‘label’ attached to the wording. I am now choosing (thanks to the speech by Louis) choosing to not attach any labels to my thoughts on to Wretched Things.  So Ill end this by saying, when you get the chance, and seek out the chance to watch a beautiful, wonderful, enlightening character drama featuring a great cast and crew. Then do check out Wretched Things.

Wretched Things will be available soon, and more updates can be found from @OxygenFilm




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