Wretched Things premieres January 18th 2019. Written and Directed by Gage Oxley ( @GageOxley ) #supportindiefilm

Written and Directed by Gage Oxley, Wretched Things gets its premier later this month in London’s Leicester Square

Wretched Things, show entirely in Leeds, England is a LQBTQ film that deals with sexual exploitation, toxic masculinity and abuse of power.Takes us into the worlds of a first-time model, a webcam sex worker, and a power-hungry homophobe and takes us on a journey through their insecurities and their vulnerabilities.

The film was put together by a great cast and crew who all gave their time for free in support of the film and on January 18th 2019 the film will be unveiled for us all to see.

“Wretched Things challenges our thoughts about some of the insecurities and vulnerabilities we face through sexual exploitation, as well as highlighting the aggressors in our every day lives. My main inspiration with this film is to start discussions, no matter how hard or divisive they might be.” – Gage Oxley.

Wretched Things will be reviewed by FromPage2Screen.Com in the near future




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