Independent development studio Adaptive Game releases the futuristic 3D roller game TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD today onSteam
In TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD you will have to drive a cutting-edge ball through outer-space mazes as you dodge deadly traps and solve troublesome puzzles.
“TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD is set in a sci-fi environment”, says Ivan Shevchenko, CEO at Adaptive Game. “You will just have 10 hours to go on a dangerous journey into the core of an asteroid and save the Earth”.
TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD features large spaces with volumetric illumination, different gameplay mechanics and dozens of mazes, traps, lasers, turrets and bombs that will make your mission hard to accomplish.


Large spaces with volumetric illumination.

Sci-fi setting.

Different mechanics.

Mazes, traps, lasers, turrets, bombs and more.

Doomsday timer. You may not have time to save the earth.

Technosphere Improvements.

Score system.

Full controller support.

Steam Store

Official website


About Adaptive Game

Adaptive Game is an independent development studio based in Krasnodar, Russia, and lead by Ivan Shevchenko. Before developing his first video game –TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD– Ivan used to work with sound and video in TV and radio for more than 10 years. The development of this project started in 2017 and since then it has become the result of all that he has been doing in life.


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