Spending Time With Tracey Birdsall ( @traceybirdsall1 ) #movies

Tracey is not only one of my favourite actors, shes also one of my favourite people in general. I first met her during San Diego Comic Con and we have remained friends every since, and its always a pleasure to find out what she has been working on, or to hear some of her adventures she has encountered during the films she makes. Whilst Tracey was the first person I ever spoke to on the video version of Spending Time With…and I truly loved sitting down with her and learning more about her. I was also fortunate enough to have met her earlier this year too. Of course I was super excited when she also agreed to take part in this online version too. So enough from me. and more about the wonderful Tracey Birdsall.

What’s the most ‘starstruck’ you have been?

I think I’ve been a little “starstruck” each time I’ve worked with someone I greatly admired. It does wane over a few days. Dennis Hopper comes to mind as one of the first actors I worked with that had me a bit speechless at first… and probably Ricardo Montalban.

What was one of the most memorable films you saw as a child?

Logan’s Run.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you can remember being given?

You can only rise to the top by working harder and training harder than every single person around you.

Have you ever gotten someone’s autograph? Which is the most memorable for you?

No. I’ve never even considered it.

Do you have any traditions that you have when you are involved in a project?

Usually when I have a shoot or an event, I ignore my cell phone for the duration and then run around and do selfies with the people I want to remember at the end – I have quite a collection of these! What was the most recent book you read? The World According to Karl (Karl Lagerfeld)

Out of all the projects you’ve been involved with which one do you feel the most proud of?

The Time War (Neil Johnson)

What film scares you?

Shooting The Time War scared me to death, to be honest.

What is the ONE single coolest movie geek thing you own?

Hoagland from Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (in a case), and a Weeping Angel from the Doctor Who Experience in Wales.

When you are being interviewed Do you prefer ‘interviews’ face to face, over the phone/podcast or by email?

I love face to face due to the connection. They all work in their respective mediums. I have no complaints! When a film or TV show comes out that you are in, what one person do you want to watch it first? My dad. Always.

What was the last album you listened to?

I listen to a lot of music, but albums not as much anymore. Probably the last album I listened to the whole thing was the Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Alex Staropoli.

With regards to your own projects? What are you working on that you can tell me about?

I’ve been working pretty much tirelessly and nonstop on two different sci-fi series with Director Neil Johnson: Age of Darkness and The Time War. The emotional and physical demands of those two roles drained every cell of my structure! Both series are currently in post-production and are some of the most brilliant projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of bringing to life.

Let’s shine a light on some of your past work. Which of your projects are you most proud of?

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter was definitely my biggest joy prior to the projects I’m currently working on. I learn to love every character that I bring to life, but I get the closest to the one’s who teach me a little something about myself along the way… which Sienna really did in that project. We’ve gone light years ahead in this however in Age of Darkness, and especially The Time War…

Do you remember who got your first autograph?

Back in the early days, we used to sign small stacks of headshots and give them to the production people – I’m not sure where they distributed them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as personal then. If you can sit down with any one living person and chat to them for two hours? Who would you choose? The Queen of England or Elon Musk…

What’s the most difficult thing about your creative journey?

We have stumbling blocks (such as weather and injuries), but it’s all hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It’s all difficult… much more so than what they prepare you for in training.

And, the flipside. What’s the most enjoyable for you?

When you’re doing what you love, you are working every day of your life… that’s really how the saying should go. To me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than doing the work – I love the entire process.

Say Hi to Tracey on Twitter at https://twitter.com/traceybirdsall1

You can also check out the Spending Time With.. conversation I had with Tracey, from 2016

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