Saudade, starring Holly Rose-Durham (Hinge Factor) Kemal Yildirim (Rose, Malady) Sean Botha (Abduction 2) #supportindiefilm

I remember when I first began to concentrate on UK filmmakers more than I previously had (not that I ignored them, just that as a film fan, Hollywood always seemed to be the focus of film entertainment) but I digress. When I changed my focus from the world of films to include the UK filmmakers and projects they made, one of the names I encountered was Kemal Yildirim. His film ‘Rose’ blew my mind with not only its performances but also the level of toughness that came across on screen and a year or so later when I sat down with Kemal to have a chat (and record a podcast) I mentioned that the film ‘Rose’ reminded me of the same level of harshness that the Paul Andrew Williams film London To Brighton gave when I first watched that film. Kemal smiles and said that he loved that I mentioned London to Brighton, as that was one of the films that he wanted the true story of ‘Rose’ to feel like. (He succeeded) Anyways, over the past few years, Kemal and I sat down a few times and not only recorded some podcasts (we chatted about our love of the mini series ‘V’ and movies in general’ but also chatted about the films that Kemal had made and the future projects that he wanted to make.

Time has passed and whilst some of the future projects we spoke about havent happened, I am also seeing projects that I havent heard about coming to reality. Today I checked out the trailer for ‘Saudade’ , described as a dark Psychological drama. that explorers Alice’s fractured mind and her search for what lays within her long buried memories. Alice becomes lost within the memories she aches for opening the door to her hidden self. Whilst I can only judge the film by its trailer (and also how talented Kemal is and the crew he works with) I am super excited to see the full short when I can.  I wanted to share the trailer with you to add to your watch list.


Holly Rose-Durham

(Hinge Factor)

Kemal Yildirim

(Rose, Malady)

Sean Botha

(Abduction 2)

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