The Last Scout by Simon Phillips. Written by Paul Tanter

Set in 2065, well actually set 7 years after 2065, we encounters the crew of The Pegasus, as they search the vasts of space for another Earth. Their mission is to be part of the team thats saves humanity. Planet Earth has been ravaged by Nuclear War and its up to a small band of men and women to ensure the survival of the species.

Part-Battlestar, Part-Firefly, Part-Alien, and with some hints of Star Trek thrown in. Writer Paul Tanter and Director Simon Phillips have come up with a wonderfully entertaining yet though provoking science fiction film that whilst it does contain some seriously impressive set design and space footage, it gives us something that I think my favourite science fiction films focus on. Engaging and interesting characters that I enjoy spending time with in whatever situation they find themselves in. The Last Scout has a great wider range of characters that all gel perfectly together. Be it the ‘Scotty’ of the bunch ‘Pete’ (played by Simon Phillips) whos job is it to not only try and hold the failing ship together in a crisis (and when you are in a ship whos goal it is to save humanity, then its always a crisis), or Jane (played by Rita Ramnani) who if I had to label her in this film, shes definitely the ‘Starbuck’ of this motley crew./. The whole cast are great and fun and in some cases. borderline scary. (and by that I mean the characters, not the actors)

For those who love a great space battle a-la Star Wars, then you might be disappointed with The Last Scout, but for those who like a story put together with a very well made production for what I’m sure wasn’t a massive budget, and a fun cast then you should check out The Last Scout. Whilst the plot might not be the most unique in the world and why on Earth (no pun intended) does every film have to have the most unique plot in film history It is a whole new film direction for the pairing of Paul Tanter and Simon Phillips, who both come from the roots of UK crime thrillers (Rise Of The White Collar Hooligan, He Who Dares) and now seem to have leapt into the atmosphere with this scifi fun ride. But the great news is that they know what they are doing and have done it well. Also great to see roles featuring Rebecca Ferdinando *Shank, White Collar Hooligan 1 & 2) ,  Petra Bryant ( Heretiks) in roles within this fun scifi tale.

The Last Scout can be seen in 2017

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