All the reasons to watch No Reasons ( Now on Prime Video)

Hello Jodie is that you?” is the opening line of No Reasons, written and directed by Spencer Hawken, a British thriller that I very recently had the chance to watch and comment on. I knew of ‘No Reasons’ from a while back, I remember the film being in production and seeing some updates on social media about its progress. But as I often do with films I really want to watch. I avoid letting story points, character descriptions and even the basic plot summary sink into my brain. Much preferring to watch the film when its finished and ready for film fans to watch and experience.


From Spencer Hawken, the Director of Death Walks

The casting is wonderful for ‘No Reasons’ and whilst some of you might not be familiar with some of the names, anyone who has an interest in British independent films, will sure recognize Lucinda Rhodes Thakar (KShop, The Fall OF The Essex Boys) , Marc Bannerman ( TV’s Eastenders) , Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo), Lorraine Stanley (London To Brighton, The Hooligan Factory), Roland Manookian (The Business),Jessie (TVs Tracy Beaker Returns, Daniel Peacock (TVs The Bill)and Elisha Applebaum (Undercover)  to name just a few of the talent in this film.’No Reasons’ is shot on a very low budget but you really cant tell. It looks better and is put together far better than a lot of films that have ten times the budget. A round of applause to all the crew involved.


Straight from the opening scene, which is basically a man (Paul, played by Marc Bannerman) and a woman (Sally, played by Lucinda Rhodes Thakar) standing outdoors their arms around each other, ‘No Reasons’ gave me a very uneasy feeling, a sense of dread, a sense of real life and seriousness. A feeling that all is not right with this world.. A feeling I only ever get with films such as London To Brighton, Nil By Mouth, and Ill Manors. ‘No Reasons; most certainly isnt a popcorn flick. ‘No Reasons’ peels back the layers of the characters and their lives, showing us that not all is well, not all is happy, and that dark times not only live in the past for these people, but also that dark times are in the present and future for some of them. Secrets are beginning to float to the surface.


No Reasons is what they call a ‘slow burner’ where it doesnt set off at a rockets speed, and instead builds up and works like a pressure cooker. There are scenes in the film that are truly going to haunt me for a long time to come and yes I know I’m being somewhat secretive with the plot but watching ‘No Reasons’ without knowing the plot immersed me in its storyline and I feel I owe it to you to give you the same experience. But just be prepared to spend just over two hours with an ensemble cast and a story that doesnt rush and sometimes feels like it could be one of those multi part drama series that I for one am a fan of.


‘No Reasons’ is a very tough film to watch and even tougher if you are a parent (I’m not) but still tough if you are a regular human being. Its wonderfully directed and written by Spencer Hawken and I cant wait to see the other feature that he completed. ‘Death Walks’  But however tough ‘No Reasons’ is, (and it is) its a brilliant piece of British independent filmmaking. But will it be for everyone? Hell no. Some of the subject matter in the film will most definitely cause some people to feel uneasy as they watch (as well it should) Controversial to say the least. I havent felt this uneasy watching a film since I watched……..well I cant tell you that film title as it will give away some of the major secrets from ‘No Reasons’ But prepare yourself. its not a case of graphic scenes (although there are) its more the story and the subject. I am now running for the nearest light hearted comedy or I am in danger of not sleeping this evening.

The one thing I feel sad about is that I wasnt able to see ‘No Reasons’ with a cinema audience. I can almost hear the cries from here ‘NOOOO, Oh My GOD’

There is so much more id love to say about some of the performances in ‘No Reasons’ but I just cant bring myself to ruin the ‘experience’ for you.

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2 thoughts on “All the reasons to watch No Reasons ( Now on Prime Video)

  1. No reasons to watch this load of tripe…Bad acting…No story, and the ending!…Please tell me there isn’t going to be a No reasons 2


  2. I thought the film (and still do) think its got a powerful storyline. not or everyone of course. But theres definitely a story there. I agree in that I hope there isnt a No Reasons 2, as the story has been told and there isnt much scope for a follow up (there arent any plans for a sequel though so youll be fine with that) Thanks for leaving the comment. Enjoy your weekend.


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