Lifting the lid of Undercover ( @movieundercover )

Picture Perfect in association with Precision Pictures presents the latest film by Nicholas Winter, the director of Hooligan Legacy.


Written and Directed by Nicholas Winter

I am Michael Clarke

Starring Kris Johnson (Hooligan Legacy) , Ali Bastian (TV;s Hollyoaks) ,Simon Cotton (The Rise Of The Krays) ,Tim Berrington (World War Z) ,Sapphire Elia (TV’s Emmerdale)

Produced by – Lucinda Rhodes and Jeet Thakrar

Known for his brutally violent policing tactics, Michael Clarke (played by Kris Johnson) , is a suspended police officer sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious London criminal enterprise of Terence Turner (Patrick Connolly), with the task of bringing the gang boss to justice. Chief Inspector Hawkins (Tim Berrington) and Baker (Ali Bastian) watch on as Clarke struggles to keep his cover when he finds himself getting dragged deeper into a world of failed operations, people trafficking, murder and extortion. Turner and his son Gavin (Simon Cotton) have their suspicions about the ex copper but veteran mobster Griffith vouches for him. Clarke’s headstrong attitude might see him bring the Turners to justice or his violent tendencies could jeopardise the police operation and his own life.


Earlier this year I watched Hooligan Legacy, a wonderful British crime drama that worked on so many levels its easier if you read my review HERE rather than me repeating it all. No sooner had Hooligan Legacy hit DVD, I started reading tweets from some of the cast and crew that the next project was up and running. Entitled ‘Undercover’ and once again being directed by Nicholas Winter and featuring not only several members of the Hooligan Legacy cast but adding to the wonderful mix Mr Simon Cotton who I had watched in the Kray films he starred in recently (Rise Of The Krays,and Fall Of The Krays) The cast for Undercover looked great, the crew looked great and all I needed to know was the plot. Well Ive read the plot, youve read the plot. Now its time to get excited in the knowledge that Undercover is released in December.

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