Viewing the Hooligan Legacy ( @movielegacy ) #supportindiefilm


Directed by Nicholas Winter

Produced by Lucinda Rhodes and Jeet Thakrar

Written by Terry Lee Coker


Four men, Ronnie, Jimmy, Jack and Chris – no strangers to unlawful transgressions – execute a daring football stadium robbery. But their volatile dynamic turns sour when the leader of the group becomes paranoid and cracks begin to form Thats the basic premise for Hooligan Legacy which is release through Signature Entertainment on May 30th 2016. ‘They’ say never judge a book by its cover, and I say never judge a movie by its name or sometimes its cover art. And thats about the only negative thing I can say about Hooligan Legacy, a film that I have just finished watching and thoroughly enjoyed. Whilst there are ‘Hooligan’ types in the film, this isnt really a hooligan movie in the line of The Football Factory or Green Street.(both films that I really enjoyed). Hooligan Legacy is more character drama and that’s a good thing. Taking us into the lives of Ron, Jim, Jack, and Chris. we see how well they get on, and how well they dont get on in some cases. We see how one nights work can send ripples through the years and affect their lives forever. .


When the opening title began. I figured that I knew what sort of film I would be watching, but I was mistaken. There were no football riots or baseball bats being waved around.(much) There were actions with serious consequences, there was cause and effect, there was caring, and there was brutality. I do find myself struggling to sum up Hooligan Legacy in someways, but thats a good thing. It reminds me that it has some great unique scenes in the storyline and most definitely some scenes that will haunt me for a long time to come.


The performances are spot on with the two standouts being Ronnie (played by Gary Finan) ), the unstable force and self appointed leader of the unofficial gang. He is chilling and relentless and reminded me of several people I have met in my life. Those who wont take no for an answer and who you know wont stop until you either stop them or they stop themselves. Jimmie (played by Kris Johnson) is also a standout in the film. Turns out that Kris has appeared in several films that sit on my DVD shelf, such as Airborne, Welcome To The Punch, and The Magnificent Eleven, Here Kris takes more centre stage and handles is wonderfully as the man who leaves one life behind, but finds that life catching up with him.  My mention of Gary and Kris isnt taking anything away from the rest of the cast, who all did a fantastic job. Actress Narin Oz whilst in a small role has an amazingly memorable scene as Crystal, Terri Dwyer as Charlotte is perhaps one of the most pleasant characters in Hooligan Legacy and perhaps is the one the audience will relate to the most as the wife of Jimmie. Great work by all.

Bringing myself back to the title comments I made at the start. I would struggle to come up with a title for Hooligan Legacy that would sum up the film. The film is about consequences, its about karma, its about thinking ahead, but films with the word Hooligan do sell, thats a fact. Also I guess if you are a robber, and prone to bashing people over the head with bottles etc, then technically you are indeed a hooligan….so what do I know. What I do know is that I really enjoyed checking out Hooligan Legacy and its a film that will proudly sit on my shelf. Please do check it out (the film….not my DVD shelf) Although I can give you lots of recommendations if you wish. The sign of a great film is that even weeks after youve watched it, you still think about it. Hooligan Legacy is one of those films and even putting a few new words into this article makes me want to watch the film again right now.



It is also great to be able to add that several of the cast and crew involved with Hooligan Legacy have already begun working on ‘Undercover; written by Nicholas Winter and will again star Kris Johnson with the addition of Simon Cotton (The Rise Of The Krays, The Fall Of The Krays) to the cast. For more information on that project. Follow  Yhey are keeping people updated with the filming and at this moment. they are probably on set filming something for us film fans to enjoy in the near future. I wish them the very best.

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