Keep an eye on the Undercover team ( @movieundercover ) #supportindiefilm

Its been a busy few weeks for me what with one thing or another, but now i am actually finding the time to catch up on some UK films and UK film news that I have been meaning to type up for you to check out. So whats new? Well a lot actually. Where to start?


A few months back I sent out a bunch of messages to some of the cast of crime drama Hooligan Legacy (Directed by Nicholas Winter) asking them each a random question plucked from my mind. You can check out the answers and questions HERE  No sooner had Hooligan Legacy been released, a lot of the cast and crew were off onto their next film ‘Undercover’ (Directed by Nicholas Winter) Id love to tell you a little bit more about the films plot, but I dont actually know too much about it other than some of the talented cast  Sapphire Elia (TV’s Emmerdale) ,Ali Bastian (TV’s Hollyoaks) ,Vic Waghorn (TV’s Babylon) ,Simon Cotton (Fall Of The Krays) , Kris Johnson (Hooligan Legacy)  and Chris Simmons (TV’s The Bill) to name just a few of the great names brought together by the crew and the wonderful producers at Picture Perfect.

Ive heard that a trailer, a poster and more details of Undercover will be unveiled in the very near future. I will keep you posted. Hooligan Legacy was a really enjoyable film (although it has some dark scenes that will stay with you) and I for one am now on the supporters bench for anything this crew puts out

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You can check out my review of Hooligan Legacy HERE

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