On the set of Bad Moon Rising and more by @amzarb and @mrsheltontv

Bad Moon Rising, a film that not only is going to be fantastic, but is also made by the best bunch of people around. Passionate about filmmaking, and wonderfully sociable when it comes to making people feel comfortable.

Bad Moon Rising

I was lucky enough to be able to visit a location they were using and (hopefully) appear in a scene or two for the film. I have never felt so at ease on a film set and you often hear about how on horror films, there has to be a lot of humour and lighthearted feeling. My day on Bad Moon Rising was just that. Easily one of the highlights of my journey through the world of filmmaking.

But I digress. Earlier today the wonderful John Von Shelton asked me if I would mind sharing a couple of film clips from his You Tube Channel, which you can find if you click on the words You Tube. Of course I said yes. John is also awesome and a part of the Bad Moon family so here for you. Are a couple of clips not only featuring cast from films such as Bad Moon Rising but also one from the film Dark Vale (featuring Jay Brown) but also the videos are from Johns channel which has a whole host of clips including film reviews, interviews and a great ‘tribute to’ series.

Head over there to click on more and see what John is up to (and also Guntis, who features in some of the clips)


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