Hooligans At War North Vs South from @highfliersfilms

Chris (played by Chris Bell) & Johnny (played by Alan Lund) two best friends who not only grew up together in London but also go through the Bosnian war, leave the army and become London gang bosses dealing in money, and violence. When tempers fracture, things go wrong and slide a divide between the two lifelong friends and their respective ‘crews’


Whilst the storyline isn’t an original plot, that’s not a bad thing. Hooligans At War:North Vs South is an enjoyable crime drama put together by people who love UK crime dramas.  Flashing between present day and the past, we are shown not only where the two friends are, but also how they came to be the people they are.


For fans of such films as The Football Factory or Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan (even though there is no football in Hooligans At War), the film does have that feel to it although on a lower budget. People should enjoy this film if they go into it realising that its not a £10Million dollar epic.  I have such a fondness for indie films, having seen the hard work that goes into battling to get a film made in the first place.


Hats off to the cast and crew of Hooligans At War:North Vs South for they have created a very watchable film. Whatever the budget was for this one, they have proved they can do what they can do with. Now lets get them a bigger budget for the next one.  Great work by Chris Bell & Steven M Smith in the directing of his feature.

Hooligans At War: North Vs South is out DVD Monday 13th April

high fliers

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