Kruel is coming.

Boo Reese Productions in association with Sunset Undiscovered announce the worldwide release of “KRUEL” with Maxim Media Marketing, Inc. and Breaking Glass Pictures.


“Kruel” brings new meaning to suspense.

From Writer/Director and Producer, Robert Henderson comes this extraordinary vision in the hometown thriller starring Kierney Nelson in her debut role as Jo O’Hare in the film Kruel.

KRUEL Still 024 (web)

Kruel was shot mostly in Clay County, Florida and features many local actors ,as well as larger ‘names’ including Adam Vernier( G.I. Joe Retaliation) ,and J.T. Chinn (Melrose Place).

KRUEL Still 030 (web)

Kruels script (written by Robert Henderson)  is packed with drama, and gives the first time actress (Kierney Nelson) a ton of opportunities to showcase her growing talent. Through her performance as Jo O’Hare, the movie casts a fantastic spotlight on many of the hardships faced. From her boyfriend’s unfaithfulness, to her lost track scholarship and subsequent loss of interest in attending college at all , the writing puts as much emphasis on the realities of being a youth in this world as it does on the horror of the fictional antagonist. and its fantastic to see Kierney Nelson add that extra dimension to Roberts storytelling.

KruelScreening1 (web)

KRUEL Still 005 (web)

The film’s antagonist, the distrurbing Willy the ice cream man, presents us with a much more eerie twist of events as the plot moves on . As Jo’s relationship continues to fall apart, Willy’s obsession with her grows and grows, drawing us in, and freaking us out. Will he join the league of ‘movie icons’ from creepy movies. Only time shall tell on that one, but its looking possible.

KruelScreening 030 (web) (1)

Actors Adam Vernier, J.T. Chinn and Kierney Nelson, left to right,

Check out the trailer for the film Kruel.

Official Twitter Page for Kruel is HERE

Find Kruel on the IMDB HERE

Find Sunset Studios on Facebook HERE

You will hear more about Kruel in the coming weeks and months.

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