Texas Chain Saw star Marilyn Burns dies, aged 64

I enjoy writing articles about most news items and most movies, but I always hate to have to type up news reporting that someone has passed away. It seems that at least once a week I am writing this kind of article and today is that time.

Its a very sad time to be reporting that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre star Marilyn Burns has died at the age of 64 years young.

Website TMZ broke the news that Marilyn was found dead at her home in Texas.

She was discovered by a family member. No cause of death has been reported as yet, until an autopsy has been performed.

Most famous for her role in the cult classic Tobe Hooper film. Her character, Sally was the sole survivor of the chainsaw/hammer wielding Leatherface’s rampage.



Marilyn appeared in just 10 films between 1974 and 2014, but its not the amount of films you are in, its how the fans percieve you and fans loved Marilyn Burns. She also directed theatre plays.

She had cameo roles  in 1994’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation and 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D.



Her final appearance will be in Josh Vargas’ indie film In a Madman’s World, which is currently in post-production.

Marilyn Burns’s manager Chris Roe also confirmed the news to Dreadcentral  “It is with sad news that I can officially confirm that actress Marilyn Burns passed away earlier today. She was found unresponsive by a family member this morning in her Houston, Texas, area home. Her family asks for privacy at this time. Further details will be released later.

Rest In Peace Marilyn Burns.

I was born in 1974 and watched films from a very early age, but Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a film that I didnt see until the late 90s, too nervous to watch what I thought would be a horrific violent film. I eventually gave in and watched the film one afternoon. The film now sits near the top of my all time favourite horror films.

Here is an interview I found featuring Marilyn Burns, filmed in 2013.

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