Starship Rising. Poster released.

The poster for the up and coming science fiction film Starship Rising has been released.

Starship Rising Poster

The film, written and directed by Neil Johnson (Humanitys End, Alien Dawn) is due out in 2014.

Starring Darren Jacobs, Emil and Brooke Lewis  and Claudia Wells. Starship Rising takes us into the world one starship captain who faces intergalactic armageddon.

Starship Rising is about what happens when a Starship armed to the teeth with missiles gets taken over by a revolutionary.

Described as  “Game Of Thrones in space.”

Starship Rising 1

PHOTO CREDIT: Marilyn Ghigliotti; Photo #1- E.J. De La Pena, Claudia Wells, Brooke Lewis;

photo 2

Photo #2- E.J. De La Pena, Dan Bridges, Director Neil Johnson, Claudia Wells, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Lynn Ayala, Darren Jacobs and Brooke Lewis

Definitely a film to keep an eye out for in 2014. I for one, very much look forward to any project by Neil Johnson and also any appearance by Brooke Lewis.

Check out the trailer.

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