Title Change for The Expedition

Anyone who has listened to podcast episodes of my British Movie Show, or chatted with me on Twitter @frompage2screen or even browsed this website for a while will surely have seen me talk/type/tweet about the creature feature film The Expedition, Directed by Adam Spinks and Starring a host of awesome people including Ben Loyd Holmes.


It seems an age ago since Stu Miller and myself sat in the chat rooms during the live updates from The Expedition team and their fundaising on Indiegogo. They hit targets and the film is alive and well and living….well somewhere.

Now the film is near to release. Its being shown at this years Film4Frighfest in August and all is gearing up for Big Al to stomp the world and show his teeth.


There has been one alteration to the film though. Its nothing major. Its nothing removed, its nothing censored all the terror is still within the film.

But there has been a title change to the film. Now normally I am 100% against title changes because I feel that all the word of mouth, all the momentum, all the buzz that a film has built up can be lost within a single title change.

I spent months waiting for the film Jug Face to come out only to find that it already had, under the name The Pit.

I spent weeks tweeting and talking about Song For Marion but when the film went Stateside it became Unfinished Song and when White Collar Hooligan 3 became Meet The Firm:Revenge In Rio, I was horrified.

But hey thats why I write about films, and help publisize films and not make them. Sadly I am not privy to what goes on in a boardroom regarding distributors and title changes so for now all I can do is share information.

However, I do actually really like this new title for The Expedition. I didnt think I would like any new title for the film that I had come to know by its name The Expedition. But I have to say. I really do like it.

Yours sincerly @frompage2screen.

So lets unveil the new title for the film.

It is …




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