Lets hear from some of the cast about Witch

Here are the first of many cast interviews from the film ‘Witch’, an indie film currently shooting and a film that I have been keeping an eye on for a year or thereabouts.

Written and Directed by Trevor Hayward, Witch is pretty much clouded in mystery which for me makes it a lot of fun to write articles about. Im also in the cast list and even I dont entirely know what the Witch world has in store. I love that about this production

These interviews arent ones I have completed, but I have spoken with several of the cast and crew on FromPage2Screen podcasts and can easily say they are brilliant.

The first is Ritchi Edwards who stars in Witch as Glen Palmer but has also appeared in such films as  He Who Dares (2014), Darkest Days (2011) and London Scally (2014)

Then we have Leila Kotori who stars in Witch as Rachel Gowen, Leila started performing at the age of 5 in ballet and continuing on to tap and modern dance until she was 15 where she then went into theatre.

Then third is  Luke Kidd who takes the role of Jack Stanbury in Witch.

Also here is the interview with Mark Preston who plays the role of Cain Bagley in Witch. Mark also appears in Legacy, The Hooligan Factory and Vendetta.

Freshly uploaded today is the on camera interview with Zoe Ross who plays Sarah Grant in the film.

David Potter faces the interview camera next

We also have an interview with Caolán McClafferty

Next up is Louie Keen who plays Remington Darke in the film Witch.

See what you think of the interviews, and if you have  any questions for the cast. Drop me a line in the comments section and Ill make sure they get your comments.

Until then. Enjoy the interviews and then head over to @witchmovie to keep up to date with the film (and the casts) progress.

More interviews will be uploaded in the near future.






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