Theatre V Film with Hope in mind.

It has been a few weeks since Annette and I travelled to Liverpool to see the stage production ‘Hope’ written, directed and starring Scot Williams.

What a wonderful evening it was, the Royal Court Liverpool theatre was to me the way theatres are meant to look. With character, with atmosphere and with a great audience watching a brilliant production put together by people who are about what they are putting together for the purpose of making the audience feel wonderful and remember the show for ever.

One thing struck me this morning.  When a movie is put together, its filmed, edited, prints are created and sent out to cinemas for the audiences to see.

Then once the film has exited the screens it travels to the home venues with DVD, Blu-Ray or perhaps Video On Demand. The film lives on, sitting on our shelves or on our hard drives.There are also TV broadcasts for years to come.

What happens to stage shows though once they finish their ‘run’

I will confess that ‘Hope’ is the first show to get me back into a theatre for 20 years, since I was in a stage play myself. Theatre isnt something I have looked at in detail, but I know thats my failing.

My real wish is that ‘Hope’ does live on, that is can somehow travel the world (but would that be with the same cast) Can it go to the West End and open up to a wider audience? Although the showing I went to in March was sold out and packed with around 1100 people in there all loving what they saw and heard.

I dont know what the plans are for ‘Hope’ I really do want the show to live on, to travel, to expand. Even if it was a case of someone filming one of the shows and allowing the show to live on with our TV screens. (not the ideal way to see a stage play though but its better than not seeing it at all)

There you go, my morning thoughts as I look to my calendar and realise that today, tomorrow and the day after that. Those are the final performances of such an amazing stage show  Brilliant work by Scot Williams, Rene Zagger, Mark Womack and Samantha Womack and Tom E Morrison  (the films composer)

Thank you for a great night, thank you for a great show and thank you for ‘Hope’


Here is a brilliant interview between Scot Williams (Hopes Writer Director and Star)

He also talks about his career.

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