The Kemp Brothers are back on screen in @assassinfilm

They might well be best known as two members of supergroup Spandau Ballet



Perhaps you know them more from the starring role in the 1990s Peter Medak film The Krays



News came out today that real life brothers Gary and Martin Kemp are to soon to be appearing on screen together again  in the JK Amalou written and directed film Assassin which has Danny Dyer as headline star.




Producer Jonathan Sothcott

Producer Jonathan Sothcott


The films producer Jonathan Sothcott said: The Krays is one of the best-loved British films of all time, an untouchable classic that only a lunatic would remake, but at the core of that movie are the fantastic performances of Martin and Gary.

Reuniting them for Assassin is a real coup, a dream come true, and I know their army of fans are going to love seeing what unpleasant plans they have for Mr Dyer.”

With the reuniting (onscreen) this is a great benefit to the already highly anticipated film. JK Amalou wrote and directed one of my favourite Danny Dyer films (Deviation) and youll often have seen me link the two of them in Tweets. When I heard they were reuniting for Assassin I was over the moon. Add to that the name and talent of Jonathan Sothcott who has produced a great many films that I have seen over the years including The Fall Of The Essex Boys, Rise and Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan and its sequel) and add to that the Kemp Brothers. Assassin will be a film that I an very eager to see and one that I shall be writing about from now til it has sat on my DVD shelf many months after its release.

For now I will watch with eagle eyes for the updates on the film and between now and its release. I will have the Stephen Reynolds directed, Danny Dyer Starring, Jonathan Sothcott produced film ‘Vendetta’ coming to the big screen later this year.

Great times ahead, thats for damn sure.



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