Head to Grimmfest at the Mini Cini in March for great double bills of classic horror movies #1fan ( @ grimmfest )

Fancy some great nights out this March (yes is of course the answer) well  Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Film knew you’d say yes and so have lined up a brand-new season of double bills at the intimate Mini Cini, at the Ducie Street Warehouse in central Manchester. See how nice they are! bless em!

In March, celebrate WOMEN IN FILM with a healthy dose of female monstrosity, including screenings of CARRIE (The DePalma version, which as much as I enjoyed the remake, I do prefer the Sissy Spacek one) , ROSEMARY’S BABY (so you can see what they’ve done to its eyes!!!!!!!!!!) , JENNIFER’S BODY and THE CRAFT.

The screenings will be introduced by members of the world-renowned Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies, and there will be short break between films to stock up on drinks and snacks from the Ducie Street bar (and of course run to the loo if youve been filling up on drinks during the screenings.


The Screening list is as follows.

10/03/23, 7:00PM-10:55PM

24/03/23, 6:45PM-11:05PM

Buy your tickets HERE https://grimminicini.eventive.org/schedule

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