‘Choose Your Weapon’, a wonderfully energetic short film by Gabriela Staniszewska ( @gabstaniszewska )

‘Mummy’ (played by Cheryl Burniston ) struggles with her very over active imagination which sees danger for her baby (played by Dylan Freed ) at every turn. When her partner ‘Daddy’ (played by Stuart McLoughlin ) persuades her to leave the house and go for a walk , the meltdown continues as ‘Mummy’ struggles with motherhood in the real world.  As writer/director Gabriela Staniszewska did with her 2022 short film Yummy Mummy, the balance between surreal, comedic, and realism is tip toed wonderfully  in this 17 minute short film/ 

The title ‘Choose your Weapon’ comes from a line said to ‘Mummy’ by ‘Badass Mom’ (played by Jadey Duffield ) which then spirals the short film into even more fun chaos, including a brilliantly shot and performed fight scene with involving Jadey and some thugs. There is so much within this short film, and yet it doesn’t feel rushed, it doesn’t feel overpacked and it cracks along at a fun pace. Definitely a film worth seeking out and watching. 

Choose Your Weapon is the second short film I’ve seen this week which has been written and directed by Gabriela and shes definitely a very interesting filmmaker (and writer) and one who’s work I will try to keep up to date with. 


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