PAREIDOLIA, a new horror short film from @MistyMoonEvents , starring @dianefranklin80 @grahamcoleact and @pickles_carolyn adds ‘The Omen’s Dawn Perllman to cast list.

PAREIDOLIA, a new Horror short film from Misty Moon and Q Cumber Films and starring Hollywood and Horror Legends Diane Franklin ( who plays Patricia in Amityville 2: The PossessionBetter Off DeadThe Last American VirginBill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure )  Sandy Johnson ( John Carpenter’s Halloween, Gas Pump GirlsH.O.T.S. Surfer Girls and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) as well as British acting royalty Carolyn Pickles (The Bill, Emmerdale, Broadchurch and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One. ) and Graham Cole ( The Bill, Doctor WhoDoctors and Holly City has just added Dawn Perllman to the cast. Dawn has appeared in many shows and films over the years including TV’s The Bill, Dempsey and Makepeace, Are you Being Served, and Only Fools and Horses (in the episode Video Nasty), but what gets me excited is that Dawn appeared in one of my favourite films 1976’s The Omen, where the played one of the Thorn’s chambermaids! Very cool!   As the film moves to it next stage before it lights up our screens, the team behind this production have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise a total of £5500 for production costs and they would love you to join them. The money raised from this campaign will go towards Location costs , Cast and crew, travel and food , Fees for the cast, Props, Post production expenses and once the film is completed if there are funds left over then that will go towards festival submission fees

The team are offering spectacular perks including cameos in the film itself (which would be fun!),as well as a chance to be a judge at this year’s Misty Moon International Film Festival (and if you haven’t kept up to date with the Misty Moon events, oh you are missing out), you can also attend the cast and crew screening of PAREIDOLIA and gala party in Central London, receive a video messages from the cast and of course signed posters (there’s a great perk to receive a signed Amityville II: The Possession poster, signed by Diane Franklin, a bargain at £75) , T-shirts, scripts and much more…(and I do love the signed stuff so Ill be checking out those perks for sure)

Directed by Aaron Truss 

Written by Aiden Truss

You can learn more about the film, its crew, its cast, and of course the all important part of being able to help out and donate to the campaign right


Every donation helps, no matter how small (we spare what we can) and if you want to chuck in a huge donation then I’m sure the team will be okay with that. You can donate to get a perk, or you can donate without a perk. Oh and also its worth remembering that you don’t have to be in the UK to donate, You can donate from any country in the world,

Oh and one final thing. every one does donate to the campaign or who shares the campaign to their timelines.

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