Cass Pennant’s latest book ‘You’re Going Home in a F*cking Ambulance: Hooligan Wars – The Inside Story’ Out Now ( @Cass_Pennant )

The first time I heard the name of Cass Pennant was when I saw the 2008 Jon Baird directed film ‘Cass’ which based on the book by Cass Pennant tells the story of young Cass who comes from Jamaica to London ends up becoming not just one of the most feared men in Britain but also becomes one of the most respected men in Britain.  One of my go to British films and one I’ve seen many times over the years and I highly recommend checking the film (and the book) out if you haven’t seen it (or read it)
I also had the pleasure not too long after watching the film (and tweeting recommendations for it) to become virtual friends with Cass himself and followed his film career as he went from writer of Cass, to the producer of The Guvnors (2014), the short film Beverley (2015) and short film Catford Jones (2017)
Cass has written a whole bunch of things over the years and you can see some of those here  
In Cass’s latest book, You’re Going Home in a F*cking Ambulance: Hooligan Wars – The Inside Story (released on August 18th 2022) we get an engaging and unparalleled look at some of the most volatile and violent scenes of fans following their football clubs to have unfolded over the past five decades, and the book examines the lengths to which many will go to put one over their local rivals.


The book examines everything from the changing face of football violence, to who gets involved – and why they get involved in the first place and keep getting involved. It looks, too, at how the’ firms’ operate, both home and away, and at the effects of the football establishment’s often counter-productive attempts to contain hooliganism on the psychology of supporters.

You’re Going Home in a F*cking Ambulance: Hooligan Wars – The Inside Story tackles whether the war on hooliganism still goes on ? Can it ever be won?, and features many first-hand accounts of incidents that make chilling reading. It builds up to provide the most comprehensive look behind the match-day madness and the activities of some of British football’s most notorious hooligans, to give answers as to why these games are so important to supporters.

You’re Going Home in a F*cking Ambulance is an eye-opening study of a problem that refuses to go away, by a writer who knows his subject inside-out.

The book can be ordered HERE or if you are going Kindle then you can add it to your reading list
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