VHS Forever Psychotronic People (2014), a trip down memory lane for horror VHS collectors in the UK. from Vipco ( @Vipcoltd )

I’ve been on a documentary kick lately, catching up on a few I’ve seen before and quite a few that I haven’t seen and earlier today I watched this gem! VHS Forever Psychotronic People . Its a wonderful feature length documentary which is pretty much a talking head indie documentary that takes a look at the explosion of movies that became available on VHS in the U.K in the late 70s and early 80 and is all from the perspective of those who tried to unearth that elusive movie on VHS at all costs. Mainly focusing on horror films as those were the gems that film collectors hunted down like hidden diamonds in a sea of home movies. Some might see this documentary as being filmed in a low budget, low quality sort of style and in some ways they are right, but I loved that about this. For a documentary about the film underground, and ‘regular people’ who love movies and search places like the Camden Film Fair, or flea markets for second hand VHS tapes. Does a documentary like this need to be filmed in hi-def. No is the answer.. Its fine the way it is. Its clearly filmed by people who love VHS and movies, and that is the focus.  it is a little jarring at first to see is in 4:3 but that’s also part of the charm. This documentary is all about spending time with the people in the documentary, listening to their stories about finding Zombie Flesh Eaters uncut for £2 at at market sale, or listening to stories by Lloyd Kaufman as he talks about that UK political woman ‘Mary Blowjob or something’   This really is a fun documentary and I do urge you to seek it out. 

Written and Directed by  Darren James Perry Mark Williams

Featuring a great cast of film geeks! including Lloyd Kaufman, Kim Newman, Marc Morris, Jonathan Sothcott, Thomas Hodge, Graham Humphreys, and many more!

You can order the DVD straight from Vipco here https://www.vipcovaults.com/product-page/vhs-forever

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