STARSHIP IMPROVISE a sci-fi based comedy will be at the Edinburgh Fringe this August

The hilarious new improvised comedy homage to everything from Star Trek to Galaxy Quest starring a supergroup of members of Tony & Olivier Award winning companies: STARSHIP IMPROVISE will boldly go where no improv comedy has gone before 

CELESTIA 7 was along-running, smash-hit, science-fiction TV show. Some of the cast became international celebrities, others faded into obscurity. Now, headlining at a fans’ convention, the actors reassemble to share memories of everyone’s favourite episodes. Improv superstars from Mischief, Showstopper! and Austentatious, all experts in the form, will join together to create a different episode of a Star Trek-style-drama, inspired entirely by audience suggestions.

Which planet will they go to? Which aliens will they encounter? What adventures will they have? Conflict with cyborgs? Sent back intime to Victorian London? Clones? The audience decides, and a full episode is played out before their very eyes. All the while the actors at the convention offer commentary upon how that night’s episode was made, and we get to see how backstage politics and tensions spilled into the show itself.

While CELESTIA 7 followed its plucky crew on their adventures through time and space, the real drama often lay behind the scenes. In-fighting, relationships, break-ups, sexual tensions, ego… it was years and years of science friction. Boldy pushing the improv envelope to a place it’s never been before, each show is a stand alone episode AND recurring characters will develop relationships throughout the run as the soap opera unfolds.

Audiences can return to multiple shows to catch up with favourite characters and all the gossip that has happened along the way. With some of the funniest and most experienced improvisers in the UK, live music, and even special effects, STARSHIP IMPROVISE is a space opera, a soap opera, and a DVD directors’ commentary; a fresh take on improvised comedy, taking longform improv to new heights, by Fringe favourites

STARSHIP IMPROVISE a sci-fi based comedy about to take place at the Edinburgh Fringe this August 

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