What Happened To Jonathan Scott-Taylor (Damien Thorn from Damien:Omen II )

When I think of the horror films that were part of my childhood, I always think back to both Jaws, and The Omen which were films I saw way too young but both films that not only did I really enjoy, but both were films that freaked me the hell out (no pun intended for one of them) I first saw 1976’s The Omen when it was aired on TV which would have been in the late 70’s and soon learned the story continued in 1978’s Damien: Omen II, which I saw on a VHS rental in the very early 80s (again I was still way too young to watch it but hey ah well)  Whilst I do prefer the Richard Donner directed previous film, I do enjoy Part 2 (and Part III) and it has some fantastic freaky set pieces that still give me the chills to this very day (the ice lake, the attack by raven, and the insanely gory for its time, elevator death) and its a trilogy of films that I really enjoy revisiting from time to time. 

Recently I revisited Omen III: the Final Conflict and we all of course know that Sam Niell went on to play a whole host of roles and has had a fantastic career over the decades but I did wonder what happened to Jonathan Scott-Taylor who played Damien Thorn in Omen II. 

Jonathan Scott-Taylor born March 6, 1962 in Brazil was chosen for the role of Damien after being seen in a UK based on his performance as Ronnie Winslow in The Winslow Boy (1977) and is perfect casting for the anti-christ and in my opinion played it wonderfully, ranging from scenes of pure evil with such a cold eye gaze to the scenes where Damien learns who he is and what he is and rages at thought of it.  A great acting role which surely would lead to many roles over the years. 

But looking into Jonathans filmography, whilst he did appear in a few projects over the late 70s and 80s,which were mainly television roles (including the 48 episodes of the tv show Triangle which aired from 82-83) Jonathan left the screen world. Not too much seems to be known about the whys and wheres but in an 2015 article by Harvey Bernhard (producer of The Omen series) Harvey states ” “He went into the trucking business in Australia.” He added that he communicates with his mother and father every Christmas. Yet finding out exactly what he is up to is damn near impossible.”  There are also stories , although they are generally one or two lines that comment on Jonathan Scott- Taylor becoming a lawyer/solicitor but anything beyond that, and the information dries up Whatever Jonathan is up to, I hope hes happy and looks back on his acting years with fondness. He was definitely great in Damien:Omen II and hes one of those actors whos stories I would love to hear about his experience in one of my favourite horror series of films.

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