Trash Arts Productions and Brutalist Films launch campaign for their latest indie horror “I Curse This Land”! (@trashartsfilm )

I Curse This Land will be Jackson Batchelors 2nd feature film after his critically acclaimed monster satire Monstrous Disunion.

SynopsisIn a sleepy coastal village a curse lies waiting. Legend has it one night centuries ago when a smuggler was delivering his illicit wares, the excise men pounced. One of the villagers had betrayed him. The smuggler was caught and quickly hanged as an example but, his widow was more than she seemed, the practitioner of an ancient religion of magic and sorcery. The villagers formed a mob to hunt her down as a witch, they brutalised her, tarred and feathered her, but before they could kill her she put one last curse upon the land; that nothing should flourish, no life or love, before taking her own life and spilling her blood upon the land.

Over the last 5 years Trash Arts have produced 15 horror features including Terror At Black Tree ForestThe Truth Will Out, Acting, The Millennial Killer and many more and have been lucky to be part of the fantastic indie horror community working with various other production company’s such as HB Films and SCS Entertainment. The horror feature Incessant was shot this spring and Trash Arts are working with Brutalist Films once again. With the latest horror feature film, I Curse This Land this will be their first Folk Horror movie! They are looking to tell a supernatural tale that looks at the trauma of the past and the effects it can create on our current present.

Past crowdfunding campaigns have been 100%+ supported and they are hopeful that you will be able to make this crowdfunding campaign a success too!

I Curse This Land is set to be their most ambitious project yet and a goal of £11,000 to truly give the budget justice. This will contribute to paying the dedicated crew, allow them to embrace the occult aesthetic in creating the look for their witchy monster and allow them to recreate Selseys past and present. This is also their highest budget and they are confident from the previous successes that they can move forward with bigger ideas!

They are looking to shoot the film across one week in late July and one week in August in Selsey United Kingdom. This is to allow for flexibility with our cast and crew and to ensure the production will be complete across those two weeks at our selected locations.

In addition to the usual “thank you” on social media and “here’s a copy of the film you helped to make perks they are also now offering the opportunity to be part of the creativity! Perhaps name the special rum or give an identity to the barfly and the mysterious fisherman but, that’s not all. They are also offering a personalised be cursed by the witch video, T shirts, Personalised Princess videos for your little one and off course plenty of producer perks.

With each film they look to improve and tell bigger, better stories which, previous contributions have only allowed them to do. Previous projects have been distributed by Troma Entertainment, Adler & Associates Entertainment, WorldWide Movie Media, Wild Eye Entertainment and seven have been distributed by Darkside Releasing.

Past films have also received various awards from and screenings at film festivals in the UK, US, and around the world. In the last year alone, there films have won 10 awards and have had 35 Official Selections. These couldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for the support from contributors. In particular are Indiegogo festival campaign for Acting and Decline.


You can find out more about the campaign and grab some amazing perks here:

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