Award-winning comedy ‘Introducing Jodea’ starring ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ actress Chloe Traicos. Now on Digital @IntroducingJod1 ) ( @GravitasVOD )

Introducing Jodea is now on digital 
Introducing Jodea is available on Amazon, Itunes, Google Play or YouTube.   Wishing all you film fans the best of luck. Ive been fortunate enough to have spoken with many of my film heroes over the years and they make fantastic memories. so speaking to Judd Nelson. youll love it!!!!  
Just in case you need a little reminder of my own thoughts on the film. Here they are
After a busy time catching up on a collection of horror films, I thought I needed to take a little escape from the horror genre and watch something a little less brutal (not that I don’t love horror films of course, but I do like to mix things up and keep things fresh) So, I looked for something that would put a smile on my face and warm my heart and boy did I find it. Introducing Jodea is easily one of the most charming, sweet, and enjoyable films I’ve seen this year and I loved it! Its a film centered around the movie world (and films like that always get an extra star from me- i love them!) and we are introduced to film director Zac (played by Jeff Coppage) who is in the process of filming Deadly Games, his latest film. When things don’t work out between him and his lead actress Isabella (played by Yadira Pascault Orozco) Zac finds himself entering into a ‘bet’ to turn former production assistant Jodea ( played by ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ actress Chloe Traicos) into a leading lady within 7 days. 
Introducing Jodea has more charm and smile inducing moments than I’ve seen in a film for a while and whilst the writing of the story of course is a huge factor in that, its the onscreen chemistry between Zac, and Jodea that is just so sweet. Jodea is instantly likable from the moment we see her and whilst we see how unsure of herself she may be, we also see the potential in her that her character fails to notice and we the audience instantly warm to her and want the very best for her in the film.   Chloe plays the role perfectly and balances tender moments, with comedy moments, and also more emotional moments without skipping a beat.  Shes great to watch on screen. 
Introducing Jodea has some great comedy moments, some great romantic moments, but also doesnt fit solely into the romantic comedy genre as it doesnt shy away from dealing with some of the more negative aspects of the film making world, but also as it does with the light hearted scenes, it handles the more serious moments just as perfectly. 
As I work my way through many films this year, I am very happy to say that Introducing Jodea has entered my favourite films of the year list.
The film was released in homes November 16th and you can order the film on Itunes
Click this link and you are on the way to watching one of the loveliest films around


6 thoughts on “Award-winning comedy ‘Introducing Jodea’ starring ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ actress Chloe Traicos. Now on Digital @IntroducingJod1 ) ( @GravitasVOD )

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  2. I just finished watching and it was such a delight! Chloe did a phenomenal job as Jodea. I love the romance that blossoms between Jodea and Zac. Overall a truly enjoyable film. ❤️

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