Taking a trip to ‘Devils Cove’ starring Chloe Traicos and Christelle Baguidy ( @DevilCove )

After recently having watched actor Chloe Traicos in the wonderfully sweet and heart warming film Introducing Jodea, I decided to to and check out some of her other week and came across the film Devils Cove from 2018. Written, Produced, and co Starring Chloe, Devils Cove is directed by Erik Lundmark and takes us into the world of Toni (played by Christelle Baguidy, in only her second role) a city girl who has moved away from an unpleasant world in the hope of a new wonderful life with her new husband Rick (played by Cameron Barnes) in a one bar town, that bar is Devils Cove. 

Unfortunately as Toni soon finds out, her world hasn’t gotten better as the town is filled with zany, somewhat crazy, and strange characters, among them, two of Rick’s Exes, one of who keeps threatening to kill herself as she hasn’t gotten over the fact that Rick left her 20 years earlier, and the other Jackie, (played by Chloe Traicos) most definitely lives life on the edge of a knife Jackie and Toni form a friendship that crosses over the life of friendships and soon the couple are up to their necks in blood and trouble.

Devils Cove is a mix of so many types of films and genres, part serious domestic drama, part dark comedy, part road movie (as Jackie and Toni find themselves going a bit Thelma & Louise part way through the story, but once you settle into the way this film world is and settle in for the ride.  then Devils Cove is a blast. Yes it does feel a bit ‘tv movie’ but that’s not always a bad thing, Devils Cove wont have had a $100 Million dollar budget, but what it did have and it comes across what way on screen, is t a fun team of filmmakers who had a story to tell and had a blast putting it together with the possibly limited budget they had.  Not all films need to win Oscars, but all films should either educate, or entertain, and Devils Cove did very much entertain me. 

Whilst of course the onscreen cast were always playing their characters, the cast look like they are the sort of people id love to sit around a swimming pool with, cold drinks in hand and chat about what films and ideas they have for the future. They look like a very cool bunch of people and I’m glad that they took the time out to bring Devils Cove into my life. The standout performances of course go to the main two leads Christelle Baguidy as Toni, who does get the more serious elements of the story to play with and who handles them wonderfully, and Chloe Traicos who has so much more to play with when it comes to the zany crazy side of things and whilst she isn’t playing a character as sweet as she was in Introducing Jodea, Chloe still manages to make a crazed unhinged unpredictable woman, very much charismatically attractive.  So do check out Devils Cove, I did and am glad I did.  That’s two for two Chloe! No pressure there then! 

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