The Silent Woman, written by Ned Cox and Alexandria Haber, directed by Alain Goulem April 19th – Sat April 23rd, 2022 at White Bear Theatre ( @WhiteBearTheatr )

After the success of “Mouth To Mouth” (dir Alain Goulem) at The White Bear in 2017 and “Avalon” (dir Peter Craze) in 2019, Savage Kid TC is delighted to present the premiere of a new full-length play entitled The Silent Woman.

This 4th exuberant collaboration between two of Canada’s most exciting playwrights, Ned Cox (Bastardz, Purgatory Rise, Walking The Cyclone, Avalon) and Alexandria Haber (Housekeeping/Homewrecking, Life Here After, Alice And The World We Live In), The Silent Woman will be performed at The White Bear Theatre (138 Kennington Park Rd, London SE11) from April 19th to the 23rd, 2022.

This is a truly Trans-Atlantic production, with two of the four actors flying in from Montreal, and two originating in London. All four have worked in separate productions at The White Bear Theatre. The play was rehearsed via Zoom and later in person in London.

The Silent Woman is the story of Cassie (Alex Haber) and Vicki (Jane Wheeler), two Canadian BFF’s who travel to a clifftop manor house on the coast of Cornwall for inspiration and healing. They find it all right. In the shape of a supernatural presence that weaves its way into their world in ways they could never have expected.

They are joined in their haunted journey by the colourful Moira (Fiona Tong) larger-than-life owner of the historic local “Silent Woman” pub. And it all hinges around the ghostly presence of Rose (Cara Steele), who keeps trying to slip into their world and to have her voice heard again after 150 years. The Silent Woman is a powerful commentary on the way women’s voices have been silenced by a patriarchal society, a silencing which continues to this day.

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