The First Woman, runs its funding campaign and would love you to be onboard ( @FirstWomanshort )

Currently running a Kickstarter campaign is the team behind ‘The First Woman’, a Supernatural Thriller which takes us into the world of Lily, an orphan who has grown up alone and whos only contact is with Sam, the proprietor of the orphanage. But soon Lily meets Luci and they get on like a house on fire, but Luci cannot save her from what Sam has planned, the rebirth of the seven deadly sins through Lily.  

With a £2500 target for funding, the cast and crew of The First Woman would love you to jump on board and help them out, either with a much needed donation to their campaign or by sharing their link to those who could perhaps through in a donation to help make them short film go from the page to the screen. 

There’s a great team behind the film and regarding the onscreen cast. Well they are

Aiden Kane  who is playing Aram.  Amy Graham who takes on the role of Luci,  Kaitlyn Earley is playing the younger Lily, and Paul French is playing Sam.  The lead of Lily has yet to be cast and will be announced in the near future. 

Wearing many hats is David Turner who is the writer, the producer and the director of The First Woman.

Head over to their Kickstarter page HERE to learn more about the film, bag yourself a perk or two, or just check out the many photos that they have on their page.

I wish them all the very best and cant wait to keep up with their future announcements.

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