‘Anne’, starring Maxine Peake and Rob Jarvis and Available on DVD from 31st January and on Digital Download now.

The extraordinary story of Anne Williams, a Liverpool housewife whose 15-year-old son was tragically killed at Hillsborough, can be seen in the gripping drama ANNE, starring Maxine Peake (Peterloo, Funny Cow), Bobby Scholfield (‘Anthony’, How to Build a Girl) and Rob Jarvis (‘Showtrail’) and available on DVD from 31st January and on Digital Download now.
Anne William’s son Kevin was tragically killed by a terrace crush at the FA Cup semi-final between his beloved team Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in 1989.  Anne stood defiantly alongside other parents and families who fought for justice for the 96 who lost their lives at the match. Determined to unearth the truth about Hillsborough, Anne refused to believe the official line on how the disaster unfolded, seeking medical opinion, tracking down witnesses whose statements had been altered or disregarded by the police, challenging senior officers, and leaving no stone unturned in her fight for truth and justice.   Her determination to uncover the truth spanned twenty years, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to win a verdict of unlawful killing for her son and the 95 others who died.

31st January 2022

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