Riz Ahmed stars in Encounter, dropping into Cinemas and Amazon Prime this December

Desperate to save his two young sons, Jay and Bobby, from a mysterious threat, decorated Marine
Malik Khan (Riz Ahmed) packs them in a car and sets off on a perilous journey across the western U.S. But
while racing toward a secret military base in Nevada that may hold the key to safety, the trio encounters
danger at every turn. Staying one step ahead of a group of government agents, Malik and the boys find
themselves bonding in unexpected ways. As their relentless pursuers close in, and with time quickly running out, each of them must confront hard truths about the world, forcing Jay and Bobby to leave their childhoods behind. A gripping story of a father’s mission to keep his children safe at all costs,Encounter is at once a riveting thriller and a powerful drama about a family dealing with a seemingly unstoppable enemy.

Directed by Michael Pearce (Beast) from a script by Joe Barton (The Ritual, “Giri/Haji”) and Michael
Pearce, Encounter stars Riz Ahmed (Sound of Meta,l “The Night Of ”), Octavia Spencer (The Help, Hidden
Figures), Rory Cochrane (Argo, Hostiles), Janina Gavankar (The Way Back, “The Morning Show”), Lucian-River Chauhan (“Heartland,” “Gabby Duran & the Unsittables”) and Aditya Geddada.


ENCOUNTER will be released in cinemas on the 3rd December and on Amazon Prime Video on the 10th December

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