revisiting ‘Layer Cake’ (2004)

I suppose there’s a large amount of film fans that only know Daniel Craig from his role as the super spy , but yes ther was a time when James Bond want played by Daniel Craig and Daniel did put some films out that weren’t the best (The Invasion) one example) This guy has some gems in his filmography and Layer Cake is definitely one of them. Released in 2004  when the wave of British crime thriller was still washing over cinema (it kinda still is) Layer Cake, directed by Matthew Vaughn definitely rose about many of them and to this day is still a gem among films that came out in that time.  If you are familiar with Layer Cake then youll be nodding and agreeing with just how wonderful this film is. If you haven’t seen it then just check out this cast list. 

Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, Tom Hardy, Jamie Forman, Burn Gorman, Tamer Hassan, Sally Hawkins, Michael Gambon, Kenneth Cranham, and Colm Neaney.

Super talent! in a wonderful story from writer JJ Connolly.  So whats it about. well on paper it sounds like a run of the mile crime drama. Gangsters trying to make money end up in trouble and caught up in the middle of warring crime families. See? Told you it sounded like a run of the mill story that you’ve seen before. BUT. With the direction of Matthew Vaughn and a cast this talented and a cracking music store and a fantastically put together film, in 2004 Layer Cake was a hue breathe of fresh air for filmfans, and even revisiting this film many years after Id seen it, it still is a wonderful treat for the eyes and ears.  Watching Daniel Craig in the starring role as the unnamed XXXX, its not hard to see why he was the perfect choice to take over the James Bond role only 2 years later and whilst I dont know it for sure. Id put money on the Bond producers having seen Layer Cake.

But this isn’t just the Daniel Craig show, this is a great ensemble piece and they are all give great scenes and screen time, and whilst of course you will remember Daniel Craig long after the film, the rest of the characters will stick with you too and trust me. You’ll never hear Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’ withoug thinking of the time you took a bite out of the Layer Cake 


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