They Reach, a gem of a thriller horror on DVD and Digital November 3, 2020.( @TheyReachFilm ) ( @uncorkdent ) #filmtwitter

As most people who watch a large amount of films each year know, we do watch a lot of the same type of films each year and when a film comes along that puts a smile on our faces, it reminds us why we watch as many films as we do.  One of those films is They Reach, written by Sylas Dall and Bry Troyer, and  directed by Sylas Dall.  With a brief prologue in 1969, the story then shifts to 1979 where we meet the Daniels family suffering from the loss of one of their own .  To delve into more plot details would ruin the ‘where is this story going’ feel that I love about films like They Reach, so you wont get any spoilers here, but what you will get is a high recommendation for this indie thriller/horror. 

Behind the camera, the crew have crafted a beautiful looking period piece and the attention to detail is perfect and not for one second do you not feel as if you are in 1979. Watching the film for a second time, I checked out so many fun details in the backgrounds (and bedrooms) that took me right back to what it was like to live in the late 70s (yes I was there)  

But of course the true stars of the films are the cast, and whilst I do love the horror layers in the film, I also love this film for its character moments especially scenes between the 3 ‘younger’ actors who play Jessica ( Mary Madaline Roe ), Sam ( Morgan Chandler), and Cheddar ( Eden Campbell) who do an amazing job at playing characters that were around in a time before they were ever born.  Fans of Stranger Things, Stephen Kings It, and JJ Abrams Super 8 and even older films such as Stand By Me, will have a huge grin on their faces when these characters are sharing the screen.

There is so much praise I can lay across this film, from the sound design, the music choices (takes you right back to the time period, which of course is the point, but its still a treat for the ears), to the locations, the props and set design, of course the cast, and the wonderful writing and direction. So treat yourself when you can and check out They Reach on DVD and Digital November 3, 2020.

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