Chino Moya’s dystopian drama Undergods arrives in selected cinema and on digital download.

From filmmaker Chino Moya, comes Undergods, an otherworldly journey through a Europe in decline – made up of a collection of darkly humorous, fantasy tales about ill-fated characters and doomed fortune. I do love these types of movies with its very bleak and colour saturated cinematography which helps build up the atmosphere along with the story and performances of course.

Undergods  begins by introducing us to K (played by Johann Myers) and Z (played by Géza Röhrig),a pair of corpse collectors who roam the streets, picking up the dead and talking about their dreams of a better life.  Its from these conversations that we the viewer are led into a series of tales set within this world. 

This will be a short review, as I dont want to spoilt any of the stories or the overall picture that Undergods makes up, but trust me, if you love your dystopian movies (such as The Road) then  you will love Undergods For those unsure if you will like it, (I didn’t know too much about the film beforehand) I was hooked within the first five minutes  From its beautiful camerawork to its great music score by  Wojciech Golczewski (We Are Still Here), and to the fantastic performance by Kate Dickie (who plays Rachel) who perhaps can be said to steal the show, but I prefer to say that Kate earns every bit of attention the audience gives her. Great work Kate. 

One thing I would say though is that please make sure you are in a happy mood when you begin the film, as this film wont cheer you up from a story point of view (but will from its great production)  and im sure that if you are watching Undergods from a grumpy mood, this film likely wont be the pick me up that your mind requires.  

Undergods will be in UK Cinemas & on Digital Download now

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