British horror-thriller The World We Knew releases onto streaming platforms and DVD in the United Kingdom on March 20. ( @TWWKfilm )

British horror-thriller The World We Knew is released on streaming platforms and on DVD in the United Kingdom on March 20.

Turning the contemporary British gangster movie on its head The World We Knew is a stylish haunted house film blending pitch black humour and creeping dread with a touch of macabre surrealism.

After a botched armed robbery a gang flee to a mysterious safehouse. The archetypes are in place. The hard-boiled leader. The old timer out for one last score. The washed up ex-boxer looking for another shot. The night club owner with a chip on his shoulder. The young kid way out of his depth. Tormented by their past misdemeanours, mutual distrust and by things that go bump in the night, the men must confront the very edges of their sanity. But is it ghosts or their guilt that finally push them into a hell of their own making? And who or what will survive until morning.

Shot on a micro-budget in a derelict 16th century manor house, the film stars Johann Myers (The Wheel of TimeSmall AxeUndergods), Struan Rodger (Kill List, The Enfield Haunting, Dr Who), and Finbar Lynch (Treadstone, Proof ). The World We Knew is an entirely independently financed film and is the debut feature from co-directors WW Jones and Luke Skinner. The soundtrack was composed by cult French band The Limiñanas and was released as a limited edition vinyl album by Because Music and is now on streaming platforms. The film is also available on DVD, Blu-ray and streaming platforms in the USA.

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