Clapboard Jungle, following the pitfalls of the filmworld has produced one of my favourite documentaries. ( @clapboardjungle )

Clapboard Jungle, a journey following five years in the life and career of independent filmmaker,Justin McConnell  as he takes us on a whirlwind home movie of  sorts with his struggle to get projects from the page, to the screens.  I was totally engaged from moment one of this feature length doc which not only follows the journey of Justin, but is also supported by dozens of interviews from many names you will be familiar with to the indie film fan including Mick Garris, Andrew Van Den Houten, Micheal Biehn,Gregory Lamberson, Garrack Dion, Travis Stevens, Larry Cohen, George A Romero and many more who take us through some amazing tips on how to avoid the many pitfalls that filmmakers will be all too familiar with.

How does an indie filmmaker survive in the current film business? Well the likes of Guillermo Del Toro, Barbara Crampton, Paul Schrader, Tom Savini, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Frank Henenlotter, and many more will give you great advice (as well as all the names id previously mentioned)

Clapboard Jungle isnt a sure fire guide on how to make a successful film, but this film contains many a valuable insight into how to best avoid the dangers of trying to swim in the entertainment pool and with the journey of Justin McConnell being the centrepiece of the story, he comes across as such as likeable guy,passionate, hardworking and film love creative soul and that helps us care about the film and wish him and will him to success. What is one of the sweetest things about this documentary is that by filming his struggle over several years to get a film off the ground, Justin has put together what is a wonderful film and deserves a place in the list of best documentaries about filmmaking that is out there.

its a film that will be adored by filmmakers, and anyone who has any creative bones in their body. Check out Clapboard Jungle and watch some of the indie film worlds greatest and most talented names, give you some wonderful advice that will hopefully spur you on to do your own creative goals.

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