From Proportion Productions and Left Films comes ‘Cam Girls’, shot during lockdown ( @LeftFilms )

Directed by Scott Jeffrey (Cupid, The Bad Nun) , and Rebecca Matthews (Pet Graveyard, Hellkat)  and written by Shannon Holiday (Dirty Work, Amityville Cornfield) . Cam Girls is the latest film released by Left Films and Proportion Productions and takes us into the world of Cam Girls and is now available on video on demand.

Jenna ( Abi Casson Thompson) , Kelly( Barbara Dabson )  and Ness ( Stephanie Lodge ) have all found themselves isolated around the pandemic lockdown and with very little to do around the homes, and with a lot of time on their hands, the girls plot and plan and chat with one another discussing their new sexual desires becoming unleashed with their partners via the world of the internet. Diving into the world of BDSM, group and infidelity, will the ladies want to go further with these experimental sexual acts when they leave lockdown?

Cam Girls is a strange film but we live in strange times. Clearly filmed during the pandemic, any film that has been filmed in the past few months and weeks has had to use clever techniques in order to complete. Cam Girls takes the premise of Zoom or Skype calls and flips it into the erotic film world and for the most does it very well. Starting off with opening credits that mix what I can only describe as a Victoria Secret parade of expensive looking underwear, alongside voice over that reminds us of the coronavirus outbreak which is a little jarring but that is the world we live in I guess. the film then settles into an online conversation with our three main characters as they delve into the hidden desires and fantasies that have been floating around their minds due to having nothing much else to do.

For couples watching this film I very much expect Cam Girls to provoke discussions (what if i did that, do you like this, do you like that) and I suppose as long as those discussions are fun then its no biggie.  The film itself is put together nicely, lots of slow moving camera shots over ‘perfect’ bodies, romance candle type music playing over sensual sequences. and the films use of onscreen graphics is well done.  But Cam Girls will sit on whether the subject matter grips the viewer. Erotic thrillers are easier to create than erotic dramas, with thrillers you have a mystery, and the erotic scenes can surround that plot. With an erotic drama, you have no plot twists or mystery, you have the characters and the story they are wrapped up in.  

What we get with Cam girls is an interesting cast, filming in extraordinary times, and with a clever enough plot that it will keep you entertained for its 80plus minute running time. its well filmed and altogether is an interesting concept. Of course you will need to set aside some belief as many of the conversations within the film, you’d never get away with if you said to your partner. But hey movies are meant to be escapist for the most aren’t they, and Cam Girls will drift you off into a very strange world, that’s for sure. 

Cam Girls is now available on Sky Store here   It is coming soon on Amazon. and the US Video On Demand release is from March 1st 2021

Check out the official trailer here

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