Author Staci Layne Wilson’s writing makes a great addition to your gifting list! #book #supportindieauthor ( @staciwilson )

Bargain Book Blowout.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, to some reading material this holiday season Author Staci Layne Wilson has a sale on some of her creations, you can even snag yourself an autographed copy too. 

So L.A. – Hollywood Memoir. Staci’s stories about growing up Gen X in Los Angeles, her brushes with fame, rock music tales, and how she got started as an independent filmmaker. 5 copies left, $14 each.

City of Devils: 13 Tales of the Uncanny, Unlucky & Unholy. A horror anthology with touches of dark humor that follow the tawdriest denizens of Tinsel Town on their journeys through Malibu waves, epic earthquakes, the casting couch, and the red carpet. 2 copies left, $8 each.

Sex Death Rock N Roll: High Fidelity Short Stories. Co-authored with Darren Gordon Smith, this anthology is, as one critic put it, “Tales from the Crypt meets Rolling Stone magazine!” 3 copies left, $6 each.

Dark Duet. A tale of romance, mystery, and horror set in the rock music work of the early 1970s. 1 copy left, $12 each.

Music at Midnight. A novel about a family of vampires set against a backdrop of voodoo magic. 2 copies left, $12 each.

Books of Horror Anthology, Vol 1. A collection of short, scary stories featuring work by Staci Layne Wilson whos story Painted into a Corner, tells of a man driven insane by Stendhal Syndrome and the lengths he goes to, to rid himself of the affliction. 2 copies left, $12 each.

Legends and Lipstick: My Scandalous Stories of Hollywood’s Golden Era. This is Staci’s mothers tell-all memoir about her life in the swinging sixties, where she mingled with everyone from the Kennedys to Marilyn Monroe. The text is fine in this book, but the photos were misprinted so they’re on sale for $8 each (5 copies left).

Confidential Magazine, January 1970. This issue has a great spread about Staci’s mother and features  tons of photos. Other articles include stories on Janis Joplin, the play Hair, and the trend of witchcraft. 6 copies left, $6 each.

For more details contact Staci at her Twitter account here 

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