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Psycho Therapy is a short psychological drama, thriller, horror noir film, written and directed Staci Layne Wilson (Fetish Factory) and stars Brooke Lewis (iMurders) and Ricky Dean Logan (Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare). The cast also includes talented genre newcomer Emily Sansiri (Last Flight).

When emotionally exhausted Tonia (Brooke Lewis) visits her esteemed psychiatrist, Dr. Walsh (Ricky Dean Logan), to discuss her husband’s infidelity, the therapy session takes an unexpected turn. Tonia does not respond well to her doctor’s advice and he finds himself locked in a game of psychological hide-n-seek with a painfully disturbed patient.


Psycho Therapy was one of the most challenging projects of my acting and producing careers, but came together like film magic! A few months ago, I had coffee with Staci and shared with her that my creative soul was in need of an intense, layered role to play. We chatted about how much we love De Palma and his films like Dressed to Kill. A few days later, she sent me one of the most incredible roles (Tonia) that I have ever had the opportunity to work on as an actress! To have a talented writer and director, like Staci, create something specifically for you, is a gift in this crazy film business! I knew we had to see this brought to film life! It soon took on a life of its own and my dear friend, Bryce, signed on to produce with us and my manager, Alison, and I had an idea to cast the super talented, Ricky, then, Staci and I were dying to get Stefan on board and the rest is short film history!” – Brooke Lewis


Psycho Therapy is brought to the world by Executive Producer, Brooke Lewis, and Producing team of Bryce Campbell (Smokehouse), Brooke Lewis (Ms. Vampy) and Staci Layne Wilson (The Fiance’). The gifted production crew also includes, Co-executive Producer, Ricky Dean Logan (Back To The Future Part II), Cinematographer and Editor, Stefan Colson (The Fiance’), Casting Director, Alison Buck (Pig), Sound Mixer, Eric Miller (Psychopaths), Composer, Michael Trapp (Toxic Tutu), Makeup Special Effects, Ken Culver (The Haunting in Connecticut), Makeup and Hair, Rachel Lund Olson (Blood Relatives), Lighting, Sam Wilkerson (The Fiance’), Still Photographer, Aaron Kai (Stroke: The Art of Kai), Script Supervisor, Molly Gray (Fatal Encounters) and Producer’s Assistant, Kevin Faust (Hell’s Kitchen).

“I am very proud of Psycho Therapy — it was a dream come true for me to have the creative freedom to make something that looks so beautiful on a subject that can be so ugly. I was going for an old-school, noir/De Palma vibe, and our DP, Stefan Colson, brought that to life in a most compelling way. So did the cast. I’ve worked with Brooke Lewis before, so I know what’s she’s capable of, but as the character Tonia, I saw a whole new dimension to her. And I think horror fans are going to be pleasantly surprised to see Ricky Dean Logan straying from his comfort zone: Dr. Walsh is unlike any character he’s played before.” – Staci Layne Wilson

Psycho Therapy is in post-production and will hit both mainstream and genre festivals in 2017.


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