A young British police officer, trapped must overcome his fears in Officer Down. Starring Martin Delaney and Josef Altin ( @1MartinDelaney @JosefAltin ) @OfficerDownFilm

Martin Delaney is no stranger to gritty action roles and characters he has portrayed have been under fire before in Hollywood blockbusters Zero Dark Thirty, Flags Of Our Fathers, and the recent Catch-22 TV mini-series (directed by and starring George Clooney).  

His latest role is in Simon Pearce’s 18 minute action thriller short film Officer Down, which premieres to UK audiences in November at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York,  London’s Fighting Spirit Festival, celebrating  martial arts and action movies, and the Waterford Film Festival in Ireland.  (All are virtual events this year with the film available to view online) is yet another cracking performance by Martin and for an 18 minute short film is very different from most other short films.  When you think short films, you think low budget, short filming schedule, and they generally arent action packed (but im sure there are exceptions) Well Officer Down is one of those exceptions, and whilst I dont know the budget (and I dont need to), I dont know the shooting schedule (see previous comment), I do know that this film by Simon Pearce is definitely action packed, fitting in wonderful fight sequences, gun battles and tension that usually doesnt exist in most short films. 

Officer Down follows young British police officer, Alex Trent 9played by Delaney), who finds himself cut off and trapped during a bit of civil unrest, which then finds himself forced to fight for his survival.. 

Directed by award-winning British filmmaker Simon Pearce, and produced by Emily Haigh , Officer Down also stars Josef Altin (Game of ThronesTop Boy) and Ben Turner (CasualtyEastEnders), with cinematography by BAFTA-nominated Phil Méheux BSC (Casino RoyaleGoldeneyeThe Long Good Friday), and is one hell of a watch. Whilst the entire cast do their roles wonderfully its Martin Delaney and Josef Altin that not only shine in there performances, but also add another great film to their already wonderful filmographies and ive been a fan of Josefs for years, and Martins too. Great work fellas! 

Of his role, Martin says, “PC Alex Trent is an everyman out of his depth. At the same time, when forced into a corner, his true nature bubbles to the surface. The person he doesn’t know he is, comes forward. I’ve loved using my martial arts background, skills that I’ve not really had the opportunity to use before on screen” 

With Officer Down, Martin has been able to indulge his passion for martial arts. “I grew up doing martial arts and having a huge love of action films”, he says, “I watched Jackie Chan’s early martial arts films and loved the realism of his fights. He always ended up battered and bruised. It raises the stakes, seeing the character go through such adversity and come out on top.”

Martin adds, “I’ve really enjoyed getting an opportunity to put that background to some good use in Officer Down.” 

Simon Pearce has done a fantastic work with the direction of Officer Down,  and if there is a complaint from me then its the films running time. Whilst I’m sure there is a reason for its 18 minute running time, the fact that I was immersed in the film pretty much from the start and before I knew it, the end credits were running, I really wanted to see more of these characters, more of the story and more wonderful work by the films cast and crew. But that’s not really a pot shot at the film, its actually praise that they have created a great ‘world’ and I wanted to stay longer in it.  Hopefully we will get Officer Down the feature film at some point.  Check it out when you can.

Officer Down is playing internationally at Hollyshorts and Fort Lauderdale as well as the prestigious Urban Action showcase that celebrates the diversity of action entertainment.

Officer Down is playing at the following UK and Ireland venues:

Aesthetica Short Film Festival – 3rd – 20th November   – more info: www.asff.co.uk

Fighting Spirit Film Festival   – 7th November      More www.fightingspiritfimfestival.com                                                                                                                  

Waterford Film Festival  (20-23 Nov).   More info: www.waterfofdfilmgfestival.net

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