Empire Magazine Editor and Pilot TV Podcast host Terri White’s Memoir ‘Coming Undone’ optioned by His Dark Materials producer ( @Terri_White ) #filmtwitter


The UK producer behind  the recent TV adaptation of His Dark Materials and A Discovery Of Witches, is set to to adapt ‘Coming Undone’ the recently published memoir into a television series. The book is written (and the life is lived) by Terri White, Empire film magazines editor-in-chief.  Here is the synopsis about ‘Coming Undone’

To everyone else, Terri White appeared to be living the dream: she was a successful, award-winning magazine editor. But in reality, she was also skidding towards a mental health crisis that would land her in a locked psychiatric ward. Coming Undone is Terri’s documentation of her unravelling, and her precarious navigation back from a life in pieces.

The near 300 page book covers Terri’s childhood, as well as the unflinching abuse that Terri suffered at the hands of her Mothers partners, this is certainly not a sugar coated story thats for sure, but if you have listened to Terri on her podcast episodes (such as the Pilot TV podcast with James Dyer and Boyd Hilton)) then you’ll know that Terri never needs to or feels the need to sugar coat anything.

On the Deadline Article (which you can find here)  Terri commented on the Bad Wolf ‘deal’ “To say I’m excited about working with Bad Wolf on an adaptation of Coming Undone is a gargantuan understatement. Their reputation for producing bold, brave, brilliant telly makes them the perfect home for my book – one I wrote to try and give a voice to what so many of us experience in the shadows. That voice is set to get a lot louder.”

Very exciting news for a very talented writer/broadcaster/editor. Wishing you all the best Terri!

You can purchase Coming Undone now in the link below.

Amazon Buy Here


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